Retirement Plan Advisory

Financial Advisor Daniel Wood Financial Advisor Daniel Wood

As an Financial Consultant I havea very strong knowledge of retirement plan o investment management.

I provide onsite employee education and investment advisory services to public and private sector retirement plans. I understand that overseeing the retirement plan is only part of your job.

Financial Advisor Daniel Wood

Participation Education

As a financial Consultant I can conduct quarterly investment education seminars and account review meetings for Plan Participants. Meetings may be on a group or individual basis, and may include information about the investment options under the Plan (e.g., investment objectives, risk/return characteristics, etc) investment concepts (e.g., diversification, asset classes, and risk and return), and how to determine investment time horizons and assess risk tolerance.

Ongoing Investment Monitoring

I will perform ongoing monitoring of investment manager(s) or investments in relation to Retirement Plan.

I will recommend, for consideration and selection by the plan sponsor, investment replacements if an existing investment is determined by Plan Sponsor to no longer be suitable as an investment option.

Performance Reports

I will prepare reports describing the performance of Plan investment manager(s) or investments, as the case may be, as well as comparing the performance thereof to benchmarks. The information used to generate the reports may be derived from information such as statements provided by Client, investment providers and/or third parties. 

Financial Advisor Daniel Wood Financial Advisor Daniel Wood

Please note, I am not affiliated with any Broker/Dealer, Bank or insurance Company. I provide advice for an hourly flat rate.